7 Makeup Tips For The Older Women To Defy Aging

Don’t Forget the Moisturizer

If you want your skin to look young, then don’t let it dry. Find a moisturizer that matches your skin type and apply it after a bath. If you use a moisturizer within 10 minutes after coming out of a shower, your skin will absorb more of the cream. If you use makeup, don’t forget to apply moisturizer on your face before a foundation.

Use Makeup with a Yellow Hue

If you start using makeup with a slightly yellow hue, your face will have a healthy glow making your skin look younger. Find the powder that suits your face and give your skin a younger look. Powder simply highlights your features and provides a richer tint to your natural skin tone.

Highlight Your Bone Structure

Highlighting your jaw and cheekbones can make you look younger. Any women who want to minimize their aging can try this. You can use bronzer or a blusher to highlight these areas.

Use Night Cream

If you have very less time in the morning before heading out for the day then you must use the night cream. Every night apply a generous amount of night cream on to your face and neck. This will save your time in the morning for heavy makeup.

Always use a Liquid Foundation

If you are seeing the symptoms of aging and it’s time to start using a water-based foundation instead of a dry one. As we have already said before, dryness is not good for aging skin.

Dab on an Eye-Shadow Base

Sometimes the feeblest wrinkle can ruin your eyeshadow. Older women, as well as younger women, may experience this problem. Apply a base before applying the eyeshadow to keep your eyeshadows look just as fine.

Only Use Soft EyeLiners

You can use a grey-tinted eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger. This elusive trick can make a remarkable difference, particularly in aging women.

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